#1 Male Enhancement Pills that Work Fast

picture showing over the counter male enhancement pills that work fast

image showing some fast acting male enhancement pillsA few months back, I bought five [5] premium male enhancement pills to put them to the test as to which one works the best and the fastest.

After using them, I was surprised at the results – which I would reveal to you in a little bit. But first, I want to take it from the beginning…

Many males are embarrassed to admit that they require a sexual boost in bed. Foods are what fuel our bodies and our sex drives. Using foods in terms of herbs noted for increasing libido are nothing to be ashamed of.

You cannot perform like a stud in bed when your organ doesn’t have the right nutrients to empower it. Fortunately, there are male enhancement pills that work fast and some which work slow that can help you.

In this article, I will clarify the best over the counter male enhancement pills that actually work. Please note that I have personally used these supplements I discussed in this post to find out if they work or not.


Categories of Male Enhancement Pills

There are two [2] main categories of male enhancement formulas. Namely –

  • Male enhancement pills that work fast – normally claim to work within 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Male enhancement pills that work slow – normally work within 2 – 12 hours.

To be frank, I do not recommend you to use the first category of pills that work fast! The main reason is due to many side effects – which can be embarrassing too… I will come to them in a little while.

However, I would highly recommend you go on the slow acting category due to safety and prolong effectiveness.

After trying a bunch of OTC male enhancement pills on the market, I noticed one thing – the cheapest ones hardly work – if at all. So the general rule is – a cheap formula doesn’t really work.

The manufacturer uses inferior grade ingredients with lots of fillers. Just don’t waste your time or money on them.

However, the formulas that I bought expensively were very effective. The manufacturer uses premium ingredients that really do the job.


Why You Should Stay Away From Fast Acting Male Enhancement Pills

Yes, you’ve read that right. As I said before, any herbal enhancer pill that claims to work fast has some sort of shady ingredient inside.

If you check out this article from the FDA, Medication Health Fraud, and this post from CBS News, Dangerous Sex Pills, you’ll see many gas station sex pills brands that are considered harmful. Why? They have undisclosed ingredients!

Here are some popular pills you may have come across that you should definitely avoid because of the ingredients below –

  • Stiff Nights
  • Rockhard Weekend
  • Man UP Now
  • Mr. Magic Male Enhancer
  • Magic Power Coffee
  • Duro Extend
  • Vigor 25
  • Time Out
  • Vitalex
  • Rhino Pills – This one has a lot of products with different strengths and packaging variations.
  • Xiadafil

[alert-warning]The problem with these gas station sex pills or fast acting enhancers is that they contain either of these dangerous ingredients –


  • Sulfoaildenafil
  • Hydroxyhomosildenafil
  • Hydroxythiohomosildenafil
  • Acetildenafil
  • Dapoxetine
  • Sildenafil[/alert-warning]


These ingredients above work like Viagra and can interact with prescription drugs like nitrates which can cause life-threatening low blood pressure.

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even heart disease often take nitrates.

Also, these ingredients have not gone through the same clinical studies as Sildenafil so most of their side effects are unknown – and anything can happen to you.

To make matter worse, the manufacturers didn’t state on the box label that the pills contain any of the dangerous ingredients above.

As you can see, a naive or young healthy customer go and use a product thinking that it’s all natural but it not! Sildenafil is only for men with ED so why a young man with no erection problem should use it?

And I wouldn’t suggest you use these unsuspecting harmful herbal instant hard on pills. Because you never know when they can send you to the ER room with a palpitating heart or an erection that wouldn’t go down – and you know the rest – as what happened here.

With so many scams around in the herbal health supplement industry, you really need to buy your products from a trustworthy and established company. Always check the company in the BBB database for any malicious business practice to be on the safe side.


Labidux Review – A Fast Acting Male Enhancer I Tried That Lasts For 3 Days

About 8 years ago, I called up a Herbal Company which is the manufacturer or distributor to find out which is the best male enhancement pill they got. The saleswoman recommended Labidux. I was skeptical as I never heard about it but I heard about Libidus with was popular at that time.

So the sales rep from the company offered to send me a sample of Labidux. I received 2 Labidux pills and I tried them at once. I can honestly tell you that the pills worked for me. Indeed I got some strong boners during the 3 days it promised to work for.

However, I felt my heart beating faster and I had a little headache. The pill contains some good herbs noted for better sexual functions but is there any undisclosed ingredients?

Like Sulfoaildenafil or Sildenafil. I posted this question on their Amazon question page but they didn’t answer.

image showing a Labidux boxAnyways, to make matter short, Labidux has been selling for years on the market and there are no records of it in the FDA database.

Up until now, the company doesn’t have much information about the product. Just some vague information about the product.

I find this strange and I wonder if they are trying to keep under the radar of the FDA. Please note that I’m not accusing anyone here – I’m just speculating.

Because Labidux is a product that works great so why not more in-depth information or official website about the product so customers can feel trusted to buy.

Whatever the reason for the poor information on Labidux, some men reported side effects of an awful headache which I experienced too. However, I would recommend you consult your doctor before using Labidux to be on the safe side.

PSST PSST, the same company is also selling a fast acting natural and safe sexual enhancer called Vicerex which contains Tadalafil [undisclosed on the label], the active ingredient in Cialis. Bro, how the heck can this be safe?

Now, as I go on with my rant, you can conclude that male enhancement pills that work fast are not safe. As a matter of fact, any pills that don’t provide full disclosure of their ingredients or have an official website, then you should avoid them.

Don’t take the risk. It’s not worth it. There are safe, pure herbal sexual enhancers available which I have discussed below that works even better.


…And Beware of the Bad and Ugly Side Effects…

I heard stories of men who died during sex while using pills like Viagra. Just imagine what can happen if you use a pill which contains the active ingredients in ED pills unknowingly – and you have a health problem you’re not aware of.

Well, don’t get me wrong – that I don’t like prescription erectile dysfunction pills. If you are a man suffering from severe impotence then do consult your doctor to see which ED pill is right for you.

The natural male enhancement pills that work which I’ve discussed in this article might not be effective enough for you or may take longer to work for you. Usually, the ingredients need to build up in your body if you’re suffering from severed ED.

Also, I don’t see any harm in taking any as they have no side effects. And everyone’s body works differently, maybe you can get something out of it quickly.

These non-prescriptions over the counter male sex pills I recommend below are super effective for men whose sex drive are normal or below average and what a boost in bed for optimal performance.

One last point to note is that “so called” natural male pills that contain hidden ingredients can give you a hard erection when it’s not needed. For example, if in are in a public place like a gym or shopping, a sudden rush of blood to your penis can cause a “traffic jam” according to Dr. OZ on the Breakfast Show.

The “traffic jam” prevents blood from leaving the penis, thus putting you in an embarrassing spot. So as you can see, the rock hard boners you can get can be spontaneous, sudden and unwanted – and hard to control.

And the worse part you cannot control these erections. Heck, you cannot easily make these hard boners go down. :). Good luck dealing with it before you get noticed!


My Discovery of a Safe OTC Male Enhancement Pill That Works the Best

Okay guys, now I’m in the exciting part of this discussion. I bought some premium and expensive male enhancement pills to see which one work the fastest – and the best.

These supplements are actually slow acting male enhancing pills that work within a few hours. Also, they’re safe to use and don’t contain any hidden ingredients like the fast acting ones above.

Here is a list of the herbal sex pills I bought –

  1. VigRX Plus – It’s very effective.
  2. VigFX Pills
  3. Prosolution Plus – this works the same way for me as VigRX Plus.
  4. Male Extra – does work but gave me a little upset stomach.
  5. Extenze – is only for men over 40 years of age. It takes about 2 hours to work even though it says fast acting on the box.

Note: I’m a healthy 35 years old man with no health problems, so I didn’t get any side effects with using theses pills above. If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor before use.

So after using these formulas individually and giving them their due time, I found that…


VigFX Pills: The Best Fast Absorbing and Long Lasting Male Enhancement Tablet

If you read my post on the best sex enhancement pill then you’ll see that I recommend VigRX Plus as the number one pill. But, to tell you the truth, both VigRX Plus and VigFX Pills produce the same results, however, VigFX has a slight edge over VigRX Plus.

It’s like comparing the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 7. Both are great phones and work amazingly, however, the iPhone 8 has a better performance than the iPhone 7.

You see, VigFX and VigRX Plus have the exact same ingredients but in different encapsulations. VigFX Pills is contained in a bovine gelatin capsule that would only dissolve in the small intestine whereas VigRX Plus is in a tablet form that melts in your stomach. So, if you’re worried about gelatin, then go with VigRX Plus.

Dissolving in the small intestine means, more of the product would be absorbed in the body, about 90%, whereas in the stomach just about 10% would be absorbed [according to the official VigFX website claims]. And also VigFX due to this, VigFX works faster than VigRX Plus.

You see, I felt the effects of VigFX Pills for 3-5 days with just 2 pills even though you can use 2 pills every day. The reason why as I said above that it releases slowly and steadily into your bloodstream.

This way the vital ingredients in VigFX Pills don’t get wasted like most male enhancement pills. They go into your body to produce amazing benefits…


The Benefits I Got By Using VigFX Pills

Here are the benefits I got – and you may too –

  1. Very Hard Erections
  2. Frequent and Safe erections which you can control.
  3. More sexual desires.
  4. Longer sexual stamina in bed.
  5. Faster sexual recovery

By using VigFX Pills every day you can start seeing results within 1-2 hours of taking it. I personally started seeing the pills taking effect in 1 hour after 3 days of consecutively using them. But the instruction says that you should take for a full 30-60 days to see the maximum benefits.

The reason being is because the ingredients need to be soaked into your body. Your body needs to be saturated with the herbs first before you can see what the pills can really do. In this way, you would be ready for sexual intercourse anytime you want.

That being said above, let me clarify that you would see the positive effects of the pills within 3 days of use – based on my experienced. Now after 30 or 60 days of use can you stop using VigFX Pills? Of course not. You would lose the sexual benefits. VigFX Pills is meant to be used like a daily vitamin and mineral supplement.

Anyways, the dosage is 2 VigFX Pills per day which were enough to increase my erections and sexual desires throughout the day – and they were very strong – the strongest of them all. And my recovery time after sex was surprisingly fast.

At no point of the day did I feel dizzy, fast heartbeat, headaches or upset stomach etc with VigFX Pills. I just pop them in my mouth and simply forget. I get the safe erections during the day which I can control and in the night I can stand and deliver to her full satisfaction.

So why the need for unsafe male enhancement pills that work fast? The slow acting ones – like VigFX Pills – are more effective and they would come to your aid at any time once you have them in your system.

Another thing to note, is if you would be able to have intercourse every day? Like, is your spouse sexually active? If you answer yes, then you need to take your supplements every day to keep up.

However, if not, then you would want to buy some Provestra for her, to get her sexual drive up – or skip the pills every other day if you know you wouldn’t have intercourse every day.

Don’t get me wrong about above. VigFX Pills are safe to take daily. But when you get your sex drive in full throttle, there is a great urge to decelerate it before going to bed. Right? 🙂

Well, if you can’t, just don’t think about sex and you would be fine. You would just get a lot of erections which you can choose to keep or let go.

Secret Tip: If you drink coffee after using VigFX Pills, you would have some amazing sexual stamina and erection hardness in about 60-90 minutes that would surprise your spouse and also prevent premature ejaculation. So give VigFX Pills a try today!

VigFX Pills
image showing vigfx pills bottle

Product Name: VigFX Pills

Product Description: VigFX Pills is a new male virility supplement on the market. It contains the same ingredients as VigRX Plus but the only thing different is that it’s encapsulated in an enteric coating of a liquid gel cap. This means that VigFX would only dissolve in the small intestine instead of the stomach -- a 90% increased chance of being absorbed -- non-enteric tablets got only 10% chance.

Availability: OnlineOnly


After using VigFX Pills for over 15 days continuously, I noticed that it worked better than VigRX Plus. VigFX Pills slowly release itself into your bloodstream which can enable the sexual benefits to last a few days rather than a day or two like VigRX Plus. I noticed two amazing effects when using this pill. One, I get a very strong erection power and hardness in the bedroom. And two, when I use it in conjunction with coffee, it works in 60-90 minutes and makes me last longer.

  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness


  • 67 Days Refund Policy
  • Best fast acting male enhancement when used with Coffee
  • Herbal Formula
  • Discounts & Bonuses Offered
  • No Side Effects
  • Discreet Shipping


  • Not sold in stores
  • Results may vary
  • Consult your doctor before use to be on the safe side if you have any health problems or concerns.
  • Expensive

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